Dental Financing Made Easy

Affordable loans for all dental procedures

We've been there and we know:

Even some routine procedures can cost tens of thousands of dollars. The average American is rarely able to cover such costs without support.

Fortunately there is a solution: At DentalWorkCash we can help you get that much needed dental financing with some simple online steps, giving you a real reason to smile with those pearly whites!

Read on to find out more about online dental loans and how you can apply for one:

Personal Loans Up To $35,000 for Your Dental Expenses

If you're searching for dental financing our loan request service can quickly match you with direct lenders offering personal loans of up to $35,000, with repayments spread across a maximum of 7 years.

What's more, if you end up struggling to repay you won't have to turn over any valuable property, as the loan is unsecured – i.e. no collateral required.

The entire process can be completed easily online, starting with our [loan request form], which could match you with lenders in just a few minutes!

Now you can breathe a sigh of relief and keep your teeth and gums in tip-top condition without having to worry about how you're going to pay the dentist if you need expensive work.

Ok, But what's the Catch?

There is no catch as long as you are a legal citizen of the United States and are over the age of 18.

The only thing lenders require before assessing your application is that you're gainfully employed or have another verifiable source of income, such as self-employment or a recognized form of government assistance.

And did we mention that you can …

Reach Multiple Lenders with One Web Form

There's nothing more stressful than filling out loan application after application and waiting ages to find out if you have been approved or not.

Good News: With our single [online form] there's no need to visit a bank or storefront lender, to fill out tons of paperwork, or to apply with different lenders one by one. You don't even have to pick up the phone!

Here's how it works:

Enter your address and contact details, income and employment status, and select the amount you want to borrow, and our system will quickly pass the information on to our large network of lenders.

In a matter of minutes you should see which lenders are interested on screen, with links to their various offers. Instant approval isn't available and you may need to provide further information for the lender, but it's much faster and more convenient than traditional loan applications

What's more, if you accept an offer for a personal the cash could be in your designated bank account in as fast as one business day!

Still not convinced?

Bad Credit Applicants Can Apply

If you've been turned away by your bank or other lenders, don't fret. The lenders in our network don't promise no credit check, but they do believe even those with a poor credit history deserve access to good dental care.

That's why they will not automatically reject you based on your credit score.

All applications that meet the basic requirements listed earlier will be fairly assessed, and factors such as your employment and income status also play an important role in the lender's decision.

Note: Those with a good credit rating and high income are more likely to be offered the largest amounts with the best terms.

Want to know more about the possible loan terms?

Flexible Loan Offers

Our lenders make a fair assessment of your application and if you're approved they'll offer as close to the amount you selected as feasible, with terms that best suit you.

While the maximum available is $35,000 over 7 years, there are amounts and terms that cater to all situations.

After submitting your information you may also decide to revise the loan amount or duration. An offer is only legally binding if you sign the contract, so you are free to walk away or re-use our form at any time.

Note: A soft search may be recorded on your credit file but this will not affect your credit score.

Know Exactly How Much the Loan Will Cost

It is a legal requirement for lenders to disclose how much your loan will cost before the agreement is signed. You will get to know the APR and repayment schedule, so you'll know exactly how much you need to pay for each installment. Visit our [Rates and Fees] page to learn more about how interest works.

Remember to read these terms carefully and decide whether you can truly afford the loan. As soon as you sign the contract it becomes legally binding. Failure to meet your side of the agreement will adversely affect your credit rating and will result in collection proceedings to recover what you owe.

Get Your Dental Loan!

To sum up, if you want an unsecured loan of up to $35,000, for your dental expenses or any other reason, [submit your information] today and you could see the money in your account in as soon as one business day!

Note: Our matching service is 100% free of charge, so what are you waiting for?